Fix-A-Story: (NOTE: For IE Browsers only) Read the story.  When you see a word highlighted in yellow, use your mouse and move the pictures to make it right again.  Choose from the menu below:
The Walk
On the Farm


Printable: Print out these pages and read the directions to complete the activities - choose from the menu below:
The Genie
The Invention
My Favorite Things
Silly Story Maker: Fill in the blanks and when you are done, you can read the silly story you have made! Choose from the menu below:
Something in the House
How to Drive a Car
Word Magnets: (Java) Use the words provided or create your own words and move them around to make a short story or poem.  Use your imagination!

The King's Birthday -  Play along as you read this story and try to figure out what the king wants for his birthday!  
(by Sunnykids Playground)
Silly World - read a story about how we imagine a silly world!  
(by Sunnykids Playground)