Checkers: A javascript Checkers game.

Dress-Up: (new) A java activity.  Use your mouse to dress up the little girl.  Mix and match the outfits and have fun!

Create-a-scene:  If you remember Colorforms, this activity is just like it....move the pictures around to create a scene.  (IE 4 or higher)

Dot-to-Dot:  Connect the dots to create a picture.  When you are done, you can color it in online!

Play Tetris (IE and Netscape 4 or higher):  Use your keyboard to turn and place the shapes as they fall. Try to complete a horizontal line of blocks across the playing area. There are 5 levels to play.

Sunnykids Kiosk: Run a drink stand, selling lemonade and hot chocolate - try to make as much money as you can in 2 weeks.  See if you can make it to the Top Ten!

(Don't forget to visit Sunnykids' Storytime for some fun reading activities - Silly Story Maker, Fix-a-Story and others!)


Crack the Code: Use the pictures to figure out the answer to these riddles.

Guess Me: Play this game and read the five clues to try to figure out what I am.  The five categories are: animal, Disney character, insect, fruit, and vegetable.