"Oh!" said Mr. DeKay, the town dentist "That sounds like a TOOTHBRUSH to me!" 
Everyone agreed and they filled in the letters for the first word. 

"Hmmm, " said Toby, as he looked at the second word.

2) B _ _ D 

 "I think I remember the king saying that he would love to have some music in the castle. I think that is what the second gift might be about…what could it be?" 

"A radio?" asked one little boy. 
"A piano?" asked a little girl. 

They checked the word again. 
"'Radio' and 'piano' have five letters," Toby said, "but the second word on the list only has four letters. The letters don't fit." 

After a few more minutes, Toby remembered something else. 
"Wait!" he said. "The king also told me that he might need a cage for this gift, too." 

Can you think of something that belongs in a cage and makes music?

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The story and ideas are © 2000 Jennifer A Schultz (Jen's Sunny Corner)
All Rights Reserved.